Creative Muses: Vladimir Kanevsky

I have really been loving finding new artists whose work I really admire and diving a lot deeper into it. Thinking about what makes their art so unique and studying what makes their art is something I am drawn to.

For Kanevsk’s work, what I am trying to study and bring to my own art are a few different things.

1 // The different types of flowers he uses. What I have come to realize is the subject of artwork, when shown all together, gives a uniqueness to your work. That is to say, the types of flowers he chooses to re-create using porcelain and tole play a large role in how ethereal and beautuful his artwork is to me

2 // In an interview he gave (here) he talks about how he uses photo references as well as takes live flowers/plants from his own garden and studies them, then scans them to create his own database of references. I love the idea of having references from my own garden and using these to create art. I love the idea because it is so unique and no other person will have this reference to use for their artwork, since it comes from nature instead of the internet

3 // I want to also study all of the shapes and colors that he uses in his artwork and use those as references to my own artwork. He is somehow able to create artwork that looks so organic and not man-made. It is something I have come to learn is so hard to accomplish when making my own artwork.

4 // I love that he thinks of his artwork as antique but modern. He mentions here that his techniques and art are referenced after 18th century pieces, but that having them go into modern-day homes gives the juxtaposition. I love that idea!

5 // For some of his pieces he uses different antique vases and vessels. It helps his create new and original pieces since he says that the two need to go together and make sense together. So he edits and makes changes until both look right together, which I love!

Overall, I just really am enamored by his artwork and am so happy I stumbled upon it on Pinterest! It is such a big inspiration to me and I hope you all will enjoy his artwork too.

Vladimir Kanevski Instagram | Vladimir Kanevski Instagram

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