About Sarah

Painting has always been a constant thread throughout my life. Since my first time painting, at my grandmother’s kitchen table, I’ve created artwork that speaks to me and have been enamored by the creative process.

My professional career began when I moved to New York City in 2017, and where I still live today! I started as Graphic Designer, and worked for 5 years, most notably at Bauble Bar and Sarah Flint. While working, I shared my artwork and life on my Instagram and blog, as it brought me so much joy to connect with a community of like-minded women!

 In 2020, I left my job and started Sarah Gross Design full time helping clients create the business of their dreams, artwork for their home, and everything in-between. It is a dream come true and I never take it for granted!

A majority of my subjects are from nature, as it is my biggest inspiration throughout my life. With my artwork, I try to create not just a visual representation of nature, but the impression and feeling it creates. A sense of calm, mystery, and beauty. To do so, I use quick brush strokes and a focus on shapes, form, and color as opposed to extraneous detail and overworking the subject. I aim to evoke a sense of emotion and joy from the viewer and hope they can see the heart and emotion that has gone into each piece.

My work is influenced by my favorite creators, Bunny Mellon, Diego Giacometti, Laura Ashely, and many more. And I would be remised to not mention my fierce love of antiques and my extensive collection of books and references, which has influenced my work greatly.

Artist Statement

Our Values

While focused on these creative endeavors, I also rely heavily on my personal values and bring them to my business.

Honesty // Intention // Quality // Originality

I will always give an honest answer and am fully transparent with my clients and customers. With each of my projects, posts, and shares, I think deeply about the value it brings and if it is in the interest of my clients and customers! I am constantly researching, reading, and learning so I am able to bring the best to my clients and customers — from paper quality to how to increase engagement on your website.

Ideation and Sketching — with paper and pencil

Yes, I still use a pencil and paper! I have found that my creative process always starts with a pencil in-hand to think through the strategy of a brand, an idea for a pattern, and anything in between. I love that even though the end process is digital, it started with a pencil and paper!

Our Process

Off-Line inspiration

A majority of my inspiration and references come from offline! You can often find me in a vintage book store (my favorite is The Cellar in NYC) or browsing antique shops. I love that reading biographies about artists like Bunny Mellon, Rothko, or a botanical artist from the 19th century or seeing an antique can spark a logo idea or pattern that is original and completely unique.

Below is a little insight into a few things that I think make our process unique!